Wednesday, 20 February 2013

nightmare of having a maid

Alhamdulillah, its been more than a couple of months i have a new helper
i prefer to called a helper than a maid
she is a big help to me but she did not take over the responsibility of us as a parents
mostly her duty is to do all the house chores. but when i am leaving for work, Maryam is fully under her supervision 

I did not allow her to do other thing when Maryam is with her
just concerntrate with Maryam, play with her, talk to her, bath her, feed he. Thats all.
Nothing in the house faaaar more important than my babies (aariz and maryam)

After searching for more than 3 months, I finally found somebody that suits me and the family right
we decided to hired a helper from philipphines
Why Philipphines? 
because my husband said he only trust philipphines plus she can communicate in english with the kids, another advantage right?

Alhamdulillah, the philipphines embassy is quite strict with their so called worker
they make sure that all the domestic helpers is fully trained before entering other countary
it is compulsory for the domestic helper to undergo 3 months training as a house maid
full medical check up with no heart problem, hypertension, diabetes, xrays and no tattoo on the body
you have to be fit.

once you have pass the medical check up, the last stage before entering malaysia, you will be interviewed by the malaysian embassy
once the embassy is satisfied with the maid, they will release the working permit

i think the total months i have to wait for the helper is 6 months!
3 months for searching the right one and another 3 months for the helper to come and so many paper works
its like you are applying for a house loan! 
yes with the pay slip, bank statement, marriage cert etc!

Everyday i pray to Allah that my helper will treat our family well, love my kids, committed towards her work, loyal and the one that i can trust to
even i myself treat her like my family
what ever she feels like eating she is free to eat what ever she wants
i give her every month extra money for top up
and i never stop or restrict her from contacting her family
i even give her a phone to communicate with her kids and husband
i don't want by working with me memutuskan silaturrahim antara she and her kids
i never want that to happen

although we are different religion, she is christian and i am a muslim
i never stop her from praying or reading the bible 
but she can only do that in her room

once she is out of the room, no preaching about her religion to my kids
alhamdulillah, she knows a lot about muslim
siap tahu halal haram because she has been working in oman, kuwait, singapore
so somehow she is used living with muslim

i can say aariz is quite attach to her right now
maryam smiles a lot to her and so excited looking at her
i hope, she is the right one till she finish her contract

and seeing that 25 years old maid  slammed the baby on the floor really upset me
the baby is the same age like maryam :(
anyway, i dont want to be too negative
i have seen a lot of good helper
jangan la sebab satu dua kes, semuanya kena mark kan

what ever it is, since i have nobody to help me to assist my helper to look after maryam when i am working (punyelah berbelit)
only to Allah swt i pray everyday to take care of my family when i am away
I believe strongly believe that Allah swt will be there all the time sebab janji allah setiap kali baca alfatihah 4 kul dan ayatul qursi, semuanya dibawah lindungan Allah

My babies abang aariz and maryam, 
umi loves you so much.
umi and papa have given you both the best, the rest is up to Allah swt

p/s: rindunye dekat anak anak

maknye sorang je yang perasan anak anak semua tengok kat tempat lain
fefeeling zaman bercinta..padahal anak kat belakang dah buat macam macam muzik..

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