Wednesday, 20 February 2013

dream house

we have been married for almost 4 years
and we have two kids
the only one we still haven't got till now is a home

last year, we have been searching for house
but none of it fit the list in our dream
since we are living in alam budiman and aariz's school in bukit jelutong
we tried to look somewhere around us
its either the house is too expensive OR its too small for our developing family developla konon..

I hope this year. Allah swt gives more rezeki in so many ways
either my hubby got continuous projects, more business opportunity or emas turun dari langit which only happen in my dream..sob sob sob
i hope all the thing we plan this year will go smoothly
if we still haven't find our dream home, i hope when aariz starts his primary school, we settle somewhere we can call home- amin

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