Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to lose weight in 6 months?

I faced weight issue before I was expecting Maryam.
I went to Celebrity fitness, hoping by exercising I will somehow shed my excess baggage but I was totally wrong!
No matter how hard you tried if you do not control your food intake, the outcome will surely upset you!
While expecting, I gain around 18 kg. 
To be frank, I love food, and I am good in eating, thus my weight will increase in a blink of an eye.

The first thing that i asked my Gynae after giving birth to Maryam were " When can I resume my exercise and how to lose weight?".
Unfortunately for me, I have to let all my muscles to fully recover for at least 6 months, therefore, my gynae told me to fully breastfeed my baby and control my food intake by totally cut out the rice and replace the carbo by taking bread. 
Yes you heard me right bread.
The bread you eat is not the normal gardenia bread

normal gardenia bread
But it is advisable to eat either breakthru by gardenia or the seven grains

seven grains
During my confinement, i took 2 slices for breakfast. lunch and dinner.
My lunch, I eat my  bread with fish or chicken for protein, deep green vegie for fiber and iron and fruits for other vitamins.
And I drink a lot of water and skinny milk.

And now, i still continue my diet after 4 months of giving birth to Maryam.
And yup yup I have lost 21 kg! 
You have to be really discipline, say No to rice wherever you go.
No matter either to wedding, kenduri, party it is still a big no.
But you can replace the carbo besides the boring bread with pastas, spaghetti, rice vermicelli (bihun) once in a while.
Lunch yes, but not dinner or else you scale will remain the same or you will gain a kilo! Penat seyh berlapar!
Frankly tak la berlapar sangat, bila kita minum banyak air, take a lot of fruits, snack biscuits or energy bar i think you will feel full the whole day.
Its just to satisfy your food cravings, boleh la langgar pantang once in a while but still NO NO to rice.
Nak makan lauk, go ahead but always limit what ever you eat. 
Ko dah melantak sepinggan lauk, esok cover cover la balik nyah!

Let see what happen after 6 months.
I plan to resume my gym class, but this time I will definitely hire a personal trainer.
Why? I manage to lose weight, but my body is flabby here and there.
So i need guidance.
Lets hope having a personal trainer will come true, sebab i don't know where to squeeze or juggle my time with kids n work.
Out to work at 7.15am till 6pm..Bila nya nak berpersonal trainer..
With Maryam who is still fully breastfeed..
Arghh I shouldn't let this be an issue kan.. Women are capable of doing anything..

Till then, nak sambung blog walking..chow love!

P/S: Tips di atas bukan lah datang dari seorang professional, it is just my personal experience who faced weight issue. I have tried taking Herbal Life while nursing Aariz, aku memang turun anak pon turun sama. So this time why not go natural way and work hard yourself. All the best!

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